Quality Assurance and Control

No compromise on quality at all times

Quality assurance plays a key role at Kremoint Pharma, right from the procurement of raw material to production planning and delivery of the final product in the hands of the customer. The forte of our QA team lies in monitoring effective functioning of the quality system such as to maintain sync with the company policies, norms and procedures on documents v/s actual practice.

The quality system is monitored taking into consideration these crucial factors - production, facilities and equipment, quality training, material management, man handling of workforce, laboratory control and packaging and handling of finished products.

Kremoint is well equipped with state-of-the-art modern quality control labs to ensure consistent and timely of quality produce to all our clients and customers alike. Only after thorough analysis of products to ensure that they comply with stringent regulatory norms, methods, processes and procedures practiced during manufacturing, are they ready to go off the factory.

All functions of the quality control department are led by experienced technicians, chemists, and lab managers who guide the workforce and motivate them to perform much better, while adhering to the SOPs of an organisation.