The foundation stone and pillars of strength

Kremoint Pharma has state-of-the-art formulation manufacturing unit adhering to international quality standards and stringent regulatory compliances. The company employs latest technology, best practices, latest automated manufacturing and packing operations to deliver the best in quality healthcare to our suppliers and customers at large.

Our forte lies in manufacturing creams, ointments and gels to treat skin conditions. Intertwining technology, efforts, safety procedures and processes we strive to deliver into market an ace quality product.

Our plant is WHO-GMP certified thus there is a greater onus on us to produce excellent formulations that meet international quality control standards, stringent regulatory compliances and support our endeavours in taking this legacy further to transcend time and geographical barriers of coexistence.

Quality is of paramount importance during the entire manufacturing processes, wherein the RO (Reverse Osmosis) systems are compliant with the BP and USP standards. An effective synergy to maintain high standards of quality is maintained throughout the stages of planning to production to maintenance of units and extends to logistic supply operations as well. We are an integrated enterprise wherein resource planning tools helps processes function smoothly and effectively without any technical snag.

Contract Manufacturing

Kremoint Pharma, ventures into manifold accessibility to offer services of reliability and repute with expertise. Kremoint Pharma is a company that undertakes "outsourced" or "Third Party" projects also knows as "Contract Manufacturing". With the constant exploration of modern technology and its paraphernalia; this has enabled us to move forward diligently into the neo techno domain of manufacturing from wide spectrum of healthcare production. We invite and welcome all partners to help us to uplift our products on their national arena.

Our venture of 'Third Party' or ‘Contract Manufacturing’ has a wide product range of Ointment, Cream & Gels. We are committed to taking utmost care of each customer with personal attention by maintaining high quality of international standards and providing cost effective solution.

The entire product definition information is captured and organized by Kremoint in a secure online environment, so everyone shares the same set of product data. Your organization imparts the information internally, securely and undoubtedly. As an addition, outsourced partners and suppliers are invited to view and understand the proceedings of production as much as and as little as they choose.

As an experience contester of the enterprise, Kremoint Pharma invents the solution to fight out the challenges for the outsourcing partner to follow better deliverance as unique reliable nucleus partner.

As a result production capacities are multiplied with highly competitive and product of supreme quality with trained and highly qualified staff of quality control. State-of-the-art WHO-GMP certified manufacturing facility offers flawless environment for outsourcing, to produce contract manufacturing pharmaceutical products.

Opportunities are solicited for requirements to give you the best rates of the industry.

We welcome you with open arms to come and visit our plant for your complete satisfaction. Let us grow together hand-in-hand.